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My son, Samuel, is in Pri 4. He refuses to study and has been scoring about 50+ marks for English, Maths and Science.

Mr Charles started giving my son tuition in January 1998 and i am glad to say that Samuel has scored 74 in Maths, 80 in English and 68 in Science.

- Richard Gan

My son Ruben is in Pri 5. He is intelligent but extremely playful. I have hired many tutors but all left after a few months and were not able to improve my son's grades.

I am glad to say that Mr Charles has been able to improve my son's grades in Maths from 40+ to 80+. He has been able to motivate my son to study.

- Mrs Karen Tay

Mr. Charles Daswani (Charles) has been giving Gabrielle Harsha, our twelve-year-old daughter mathematic lessons for the past six months.

At the beginning, Harsha was weak in various aspects of the syllabus. With patience and teaching on a one to one basis, Harsha has improved vastly. Previously, Harsha would score only approximately 40% in her mathematic test papers. Now Harsha can average over 70% for the mathematic test papers.

We are very grateful for the improvement due to the tutoring given by Charles. We have no hesitation in giving our highest recommendation for Charles as an excellent mathematic tutor.

- Mr. & Mrs. J Regan

Mr Charles Daswani was my son's Mathematics tutor for the past 11 months.

During this period when he was my son's tutor, he has been very diligent in coaching my son. My son was only averaging a low B grade when he started tuition with Mr Daswani. With his systematic approach to teaching Mathematics, my son has shown tremendous improvement in his mathematics and has scored an A in the recent PSLE preliminary examinations.

Mr Daswani is a very dedicated teacher with a good knowledge of the primary school syllabus and requirements. He is always punctual for lessons and shows a keen interest to make quantum improvements in his students grade. To this end he encourages and counsels his students to make the extra effort while giving them the right dose of coaching. Though he is strict with his students, he is also a kind and friendly person.

- Thomas Abraham